My Blue Is Happy


from Candlewick Press

Follow one girl’s journey through her
neighborhood as she explores what
colors mean to different people. ls
red angry, like a dragon’s burning
breath? Or brave like a fire truck and
a superhero cape? ls pink pretty or
annoying? What about black and
orange and green?

ln her picture-book debut, author and
art teacher Jessica Young challenges
common assumptions about colors
and celebrates individual perspective.
Brazilian-born artist Catia Chien
provides her own interpretation in this
ode to colors — and the unique ways
we experience them.

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It’s at once a celebration of the world and its colors and a book about feelings and perceptions, contrasting the differences between the way two people see the same thing. . . . Readers and young listeners can have some good conversations about their own color perceptions after sharing this warm, deceptively simple concept book. The Horn Book Magazine

The fresh associations and vivid, concrete descriptions of abstract feelings and ideas will surely inspire young readers and listeners to think about new ways to describe what they see, think, and feel.Cooperative Children’s Book Center

In this delightfully original picture book, author Jessica Young takes a fresh look at familiar colors, using them as the foundation for a story that celebrates individuality and the pleasures of living in a world informed by multiple perspectives. . . . Young brings a poetic sensibility to this imaginative tale. . . . Her brief, verse-like sentences are enlivened by Catia Chien’s expressive acrylic illustrations. Together, they’ve created a book that encourages kids to think independently and creatively. Remember: Keep those crayons handy! — BookPage

Blue is sad and red means angry, right? Not for a thoughtful girl who sees colors less conventionally than those around her. . . . Young. . . gently introduces the idea of opposites and invites children to consider the different feelings colors can evoke. — Publishers Weekly

Art teachers will gravitate toward this upbeat title to let children begin to explore the importance of color. . . . Having children compare their notions of the same colors would make for some great conversations. This child knows her own mind and feelings and isn’t about to have someone else’s associations color her world. — School Library Journal

I love Jessica Young’s My Blue Is Happy! I’m adding it to my list of must-have books to inspire creative thinking. Catia Chien’s vivid art is delightful, while really driving home the book’s much-needed message about thinking beyond stereotypes. Highly recommended not just for art teachers, but for any teacher or parent wanting to inspire children to think more creatively about color, art, and our world.Peter H. Reynolds, author of the Creatrilogy series: The Dot, Ish and Sky Color

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