img210I grew up in Thunder Bay, a small Canadian city on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It was a wee bit chilly but really beautiful.

Somehow I made it through high school, college, and a Master’s degree without realizing how much I loved writing. It wasn’t until I had my first child and wrote a picture book for him that it occurred to me I might want to be an author.

I’m currently an elementary/middle school art teacher, but I’ve also worked as a:

  • tree planter
  • art therapist
  • museum outreach coordinator
  • lifeguard
  • homeless shelter art and music group leader
  • flower arranger in a bouquet factory
  • wilderness program canoe trip guide, and
  • (absolutely terrible) waitress
The same things make me happy now as when I was a tot:
  • Favorite colors – Blue (favorite jeans, ocean, old bottles, swimming pools, sky) and red-orange (rust, fall leaves, poppies)
  • Favorite Places – The beach, the west side of Vancouver Island, country roads around Nashville (dry-stacked rock walls and tree tunnels), the North Shore of Lake Superior (birch trees and cliffs), international markets, and outdoor cafés on the water
  • Favorite season – Fall
  • Favorite writing snacks – Dark chocolate and dark roast coffee, salt and vinegar chips and stroopwaffels
I’m represented by the amazing Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.
©2013 Jessica Young. All rights reserved.